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Friday, November 7, 2008

One cold way to enjoy your last meal… For a very very long time….

There is nothing like enjoying a fantastic dish and having the ability to relish that taste in your mouth for a few more minutes before the next course arrives. Well imagine enjoying that taste frozen in your mouth for the next 5,300 years! That is what happened to the Iceman found in the mountains north of Italy. His last meal consisted of unleavened bread made out of einkorn wheat, some plant like substance (a herb or green), and a small amount of meat. Definitely not a last meal to be envious of.

I wonder what the Iceman would have rather had if he knew the mountain hights he would reach in a few hours would be his final resting place. What final taste would you prefer frozen in your mouth for 5 thousand years?

1 comment:

Ark Dog said...

okay, this is pretty gross. 5000 years ago food = survival.

We have evolved way past this thankfully.