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Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Tuesday Night Dish

Even though I live 5 minutes away I was late, I’m always late. I arrived at Jake’s in Manayunk ( find my buddy had ordered a sausage and banana ring hot pepper pizza – big mistake. He thought he was ordering something that was actually tasty on the menu, the spicy meatball and ricotta pizza that we enjoyed a few weeks earlier. To his right Ms. Dish sat alone, nibbling on a salad, waiting for her friend. We all immediately start chatting about our meals, food, enjoyable local restaurants and our common Italian heritage.

Ms. Dish is back in town from Florida looking for a bartending job and will have her third interview with the biggest restaurateur in Philadelphia, Stephen Starr himself ( She is nervous because she was told in advance that he would ask questions she would never expect. What could he really ask that would be so unexpected: Which wine would you pair with sea urchins? Whose philosophy do you agree more with Plato or Aristotle? What’s your bra size?

Before Ms. Dish left for the night she had a cocktail napkin filled with recipe ideas and restaurant recommendations. Before I left, I obtained Ms. Dish’s last meal and how it reflected a mix of her Italian old school heritage mixed with her Southern roots.

Appetizer: Her Italian roots - Broccoli Rabe in a red sauce from Franco and Luigi’s Restaurant in South Philadelphia (A traditional Italian menu and opera singing to accompany your meal).

Main Course: Her Southern roots - Fried chicken, escarole (the Italian version of collard greens), mash potatoes with gravy, and corn bread.

Desert: The delectable chocolate mousse

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Ark Dog said...

Best wine with Sea Urchin ? Probably a very dry white. Better question might be, with all of the other great things on the menu, why are you ordering sea urchin ? It's up there with steamed artichokes as a dish I don't quite get the appeal of.