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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The 'LM' Panel Reviews Tacconelli's Pizzeria

In 1918 Giovanni Tacconelli came to Philadelphia from Italy and began the arduous task of baking bread. He found the baking to be too time consuming, so he took a recipe his mother taught him and began to make tomato pies in his 20x20 brick oven. Those same pies are still skillfully crafted by the same family, in the same brick oven, in the same neighborhood that they have fed for over 80 years (

The 'LM' Panel and a group of 16 close confidants, enjoyed a fabulous evening of 12 masterfully constructed pizzas, a case of Yuengling Beer (Another fine Pennsylvania Tradition and 12 bottles wine. We were seated at a long table with paper plates, plastic cups, a jukebox with Dean Martin playing in the background, and an at-home feeling that only enhansed the meal. After a few minutes of gut wrenching anticipation, each pizza comes to the table steaming hot, crispy not only at the crust but on the bottom each slice, and bursting with taste and history. You get the sense that nothing has changed in the recipe for 80 years and nothing will ever change to the best pizza Philadelphia has to offer.

Just like any fine food it takes time to truly craft even the simplest of meals. That time line starts that day before you even step foot in the restaurant. This establishment is so popular that you have to order you 'doughs' at least a day ahead of time and 'walk up' business can scarcely find an unclaimed pizza. It is recommended that no more than two toppings are added to the pie because the extra weight only causes the slice to droop instead of crunch. The sauce is tasty and not overpowering, the toppings are fresh and accompany the pie superbly, and the service isknowledgeable and friendly.

Tacconelli's has received the highest rating possible (ΩΩΩΩΩ) from The Panel and recommends this historic pizza place to anyone with a passion for pizza made to perfection. For your Last Meal at Tacconelli's Pizzeria you should order a Margarita Pizza with bloches of fresh mozzarella cheese spread out in a sea of tasty red sauce.

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Fotorfaia 2.0 said...

Salve, dopo una ricerca nella rete ho scoperto che GIOVANNI TACCONELLI è lo zio di mio padre, e il fratello di mia nonna, TACCONELLI ISOLINA, da chieti.Controllerò nei giorni a seguire se qualcuno raccoglie questo messaggio.TANK YOU (grazie ) dall'ITALIA CHIETI ABRUZZO