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Monday, November 17, 2008

Bitter Barbara

Every Thursday night I go to my customary watering hole with my usual group of friends. Every once in a while Bitter Barbara will grace us with her ice cold presence, uncomfortable posture, and lack luster conversation. The bar is small and usually crowded so there is no way to avoid her. She attempts to sit close to my friends because at one point in time we tried to warm her up with some friendly conversation – BAD IDEA. (The rest of the paragraph has been abridged).

Below find BB's last meal and some peanuts gallery comments on each dish:

Appetizer: From the Bittmore Hotel in Arizona – the Caesar Salad in a crispy Parmesan shell. Does the shell represent the shell she wears on a daily basis that doesn't allow a man with in 5 feet?

Main Course: Broiled Christian lobster tail. Plain, uninteresting, yet trying to be sophisticated.

Desert: Flourless chocolate ganache. An interesting and delightful dish for an uninteresting and austere young lady.


Comradechu said...

Lastmealfoodie, thanks for your comment and I have to say I really like how your blog is going so far. Unlike nearly all of my posts, you actually seem to spend time on the writing and your personality really shines through, which is refreshing to say the least. I do have a quick question; I'm all for thoughtfulness when it comes to food, but isn't the whole last meal theme a touch on the morbid side?


LastMealFoodie said...

I don't think its morbid but more of a thought provoking question. When I ask most people my main questions, it usually takes them back to one or a couple memorable moments/places/meals. They start to place people, events, moods, tastes, and smells into a one comprehensive thought - the thought of their perfect meal.

Sure you can type in 'last meal' on google or yahoo and get a million hits on death row inmates and what they are going to have before they fry for their sins. But I think that my blog puts people in their 'happy place' more than the thought that tomorrow might be their last day on earth.

DaPhillyFoodCritic said...

you have a very interesting and in depht blog, great writing, and I like your recipe section, keep on blogging

Ark Dog said...

maybe you ought to cut Barbara a little slack. Who knows what misfortunes she has encountered that have resulted in her being at the bar alone at night. Perhaps the love of her life left her or maybe she lost a financial services job and is part of the mass carnage on the street. She did share with you her last meal.